Pattern Recognition has been playing a fundamental role in many intelligent systems. For most cases, the primary stage consists in differentiating various possible patterns of an input data. The efficacy of this primary stage highly impacts the final intelligent system. The tutorial will present various examples of implementation of pattern recognition techniques in different contexts which include industrial applications (e.g. product defect inspection), biomedical applications (e.g. computer aided diagnosis systems, protein classification), psychology (e.g. emotion recognition) etc.
The tutorial builds upon a short course that has been offered from 2014. It will review fundamental steps of pattern recognition: feature extraction, dimension reduction, classification and clustering. It will highlight some recent developments, some exciting possible future applications and related challenges..


Prof. Ibrahima Faye 
Ibrahima Faye is an associate professor at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. His BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Mathematics are from University of Toulouse, France, while his MS degree in engineering of Medical and Biotechnological data is from Ecole Centrale Paris, France. His research interests include Engineering Mathematics, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Dynamical Systems. He is currently leading the intelligent Medical imaging group in the Centre for Intelligent Signal and Imaging Research (CISIR) a national High Centre of Excellence (HiCoE) in Malaysia.


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