Registration Deadline for Author: (Early registration) is 30 October 2017

To qualify to the discount for delegates coming from Egyptian Universities, ALL  authors need to come from an Egyptian University/Research Institute and they need to show an official letter from their University that they work/study in the given Egyptian University.  If a foreign author is involved in the given paper, the paper will not qualify for a local author discount.

Registration rates for Foreign Authors                 Early                        Late (after 30 October )
Regular Authors                                                         550 USD                  650 USD
Student Registration                                                   450 USD                  550 USD
Non Author Registration                                            250 USD                  350 USD

Banquet Ticket                                                           Free  (Nile trip)

Multiple submission (at least THREE papers)

(same author(s), same affiliation)                              300 USD                  350 USD   ------- (first author should be student)

(same author(s), same affiliation)                              350 USD                  400 USD  --------(First author is  Non student) 

Banquet Ticket                                                           100 USD   (Nile trip)


National Bank of Egypt, Al-Haram Branch number 16300

Account number: 36001090202

Name: Nazaha Hassan El-Saman

Address:  55 A Haydayk Al ahram 

SWIFT Number is   NBEGEGCX163

Registration rates for Authors from Egypt
Regular Authors                                                        1400 L.E                   1500 L.E
Student Registration                                                  1200 L.E.                  1400 L.
Non Author Registration                                           500 L.E.                    700L.E.

Banquet Ticket   250 L.E.    (Nile trip)

For the Egyptian Authors, BANK INFORMATION 

Bank name: QNB  ,  Branch: Arab Academy Branch ,  Name: Abu Ella Atefy,  Account number: 1000490961 

Payment amount: Please mention the exact amount. Please pay all costs/bank transfer fees etc, so that the conference account gets the full amount.

Regular registration fee includes:

  • Participation in all sessions and workshops
  • Participation in the banquet on Feb 23, 2018 (Nile cruise) 
  • Lunches served at the conference venue
  • Conference bag

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