Special session (1) Recent Trends in Data Science and Analytics  (RTDSA2019)  Prof  Mrinal Kanti Ghose, and  Prof Roheet Bhatnagar,  India  

Special session (2) Advances and Applications of Modern Control Systems  (AAMCS2019)  Chair  Professor Ahmad Taher Azar, IEEE Senior Member 

Special session (3) Soft Computing Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences (SCAEES 2019) Chairs Prof. Richa N. K. Sharma and Prof. Shamama Anwar,

Special session (4) Machine Learning in Bioinformatics: Current Trends and Challenges (MLBCTC2019) Chairs Dr. Mohamed Hamed and Dr. Mohamed Tahoon,

Special session (5) Image Processing: Classical and Modern Techniques (IPCMT2019) Chairs Dr. Mohamed Wagieh and Dr. Fayez Al Fayez,

Special session (5) Block chain Technologies: Challenges, Solutions and Applications (BCT2019) Chairs Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey, and Dr. Dac-Nhuong Le, and Pramod Singh Rathore

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