Accepted Papers

 This year, we had 77 submissions and we accepted 26 out of them  

1.      Alexandre Duc and Serge Vaudenay "HELEN: a Public-key Cryptosystem Based on the LPN and the Decisional Minimal Distance Problems"

2.      Wei Yu, Kunpeng Wang, Bao Li and Song Tian "Triple-Base Number System for Scalar Multiplication"

3.      Wei Yu, Kunpeng Wang, Bao Li and Song Tian" On the Expansion Length of Triple-Base Number Systems"

4.      Kun Peng Modification And Optimisation Of An ElGamal-Based PVSS Scheme

5.      Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Slim Bettaieb, Xavier Boyen, Laurent Fousse and Philippe Gaborit Adapting Lyubashevsky’s Signature Schemes to the Ring Signature Setting

6.      Jannik Dreier, Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Pascal Lafourcade Brandt's Fully Private Auction Protocol Revisited

7.      Andreas Hülsing  WOTS+ - Shorter Signatures for Hash-Based Signature Schemes

8.      Subhamoy Maitra, Goutam Paul, Santanu Sarkar, Michael Lehmann and Willi Meier       New Results on Generalization of Roos-type Biases and Related Keystream of RC4

9.      Michael Clear, Arthur Hughes and Hitesh Tewari        Homomorphic Encryption with Access Policies: Characterization and New Constructions

10.   Philippe Guillot, Abdelkrim Nimour, Duong-Hieu Phan and Viet-Cuong Trinh      Optimal Public Key Traitor Tracing Scheme in Non-Black-Box Tracing Models

11.   Christophe Negre and Jean-Marc Robert       Impact of Optimized Operations AB,AC and AB+CD in Scalar Multiplication over Binary Elliptic Curve

12.   Marco Macchetti Cryptanalysis of AES and Camellia with Related S-boxes

13.   Mohammed Elgayyar and Hassan Aly   Attacking AES using Bernstein's Attack on Modern Processors

14.   Fabian Van Den Broek and Erik Poll   A comparison of time-memory trade-off attacks on stream ciphers

15.   Ayesha Khalid, Goutam Paul and Anupam Chattopadhyay    New Speed Records for Salsa20 Stream Cipher using an Autotuning Framework on GPUs

16.   Michael Hutter and Peter Schwabe NaCl on 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

17.   Ange Martinelli, Louis Goubin and Matthieu Walle  Impact of Sboxes size upon Side Channel Resistance

18.   Isheeta Nargis, Payman Mohassel and Wayne Eberly  Efficient Multiparty Computation for Arithmetic Circuits against a Covert Majority

19.   Martin Schläffer and David Gstir     Fast Software Encryption Attacks on AES

20.   Sebastian Staamann  An Identity-based Key-encapsulation Mechanism Built on Identity-based Factors Selection

21.   Michael Schneider   Sieving for Shortest Vectors in Ideal Lattices

22.   Yi Li and Kun Peng Studying a range proof technique --- exception and optimisation

23.   Utsab Bose, Anup Kumar Bhattacharya and Abhijit Das   GPU-based Implementation of 128-bit Secure Eta Pairing Over a Binary Field

24.   Duong-Hieu Phan and Viet-Cuong Trinh Key-Leakage Resilient Revoke Scheme Resisting Pirates 2.0 in Bounded Leakage Model

25.   Abderrahmane Nitaj   An Attack on RSA Using LSBs of Multiples of the Prime Factors

26.   Kishan Chand Gupta and Indranil Ghosh Ray  On Constructions of Involutory MDS Matrices