Final Technical Program 

Day (1) 28 June 2021

Topic: AICV2021  Conference 1st Day 28 June 2021 (9 am - 7 PM)
Time: Jun 28, 2021 08:30 AM Cairo

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10.00-10.05 am (Morocco. Time)

Opening and Welcome Message

By  Professor   Abdelkrim HAQIQ, Hassan 1st University, FST, Settat, Morocco

Invited talk

Improved Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Devices

     Dr. Parthasarathy Subashini,  Professor of Computer Science

                        Center for Machine Learning and Intelligence

                        Avinashilingam University for Women

                        Coimbatore, India

Time:  10.05-10.55 in Morocco time

40 min presentation and 10- min questions


  Professor Ladjel Bellatreche, ISAE-ENSMA, Chasseneuil – France



Session (1)  Deep Learning and  IOT


 Professor  Brahim Ouhbi, Moulay Ismail University, ENSAM, Meknès, Morocco

Prof. Lavika Goel, Malaviya, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jaipur- India


Deep Learning Models using Auxiliary Classifier GAN for Covid-19 Detection – a Comparative Study

Jaideep Singh Sachdev,  Nitu Bhatnagar, and Roheet Bhatnagar


Feature Pyramid Network for COVID-19 Pneumonia Detection from Chest X-rays Images

Khaoula Echabbi, Elmoukhtar Zemmouri Mohammed Douimi and Salsabil Hamdi


Deep Learning Method for Bone Abnormality Detection Using Multi-view X-rays

Hadeer El-Saadawy, Manal Tantawi, Howida A. Shedeed, and Mohamed F. Tolba


A Deep Autoencoder based Multi-Criteria Recommender System

 Yahya Bougteb, Brahim Ouhbi, Bouchra Frikh, and El moukhtar Zemmouri


COVID-19 X-rays Model Detection Using Convolution Neural Network 

Moshira S. Ghaleb, Hala M. Ebied, Howida A. Shedeed, Mohamed  F. Tolba


Review on Supervised and Unsupervised Deep Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral Images Classification by

Mayar A. Shafaey, Mohammed A.-M. Salem, Maryam N. Al-Berry, Hala M. Ebied, and Mohamed F. Tolba


Commodity Image Retrieval Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Late Fusion

Zhijie Zhao, Hongjie Zhang, Huadong Sun, and Baoxing Qiao


Convolutional Sliding Window Based Model and Synthetic Dataset for Fast Feature Detection

Houssam Halmaoui  and Abdelkrim Haqiq


Convolutional Neural Network for Fire Video Image Detection in the Thermal Power Plant

Fu-Hsiang Chang , Governor David Kwabena Amesimenu,  Kuo-Chi Chang, Kai-Chun Chu, Yuh-Chung Lin, Hsiao-Chuan Wang, Yuwen Zhou, and Shi-Jian Liu


One-Stage vs Two-Stage Deep Learning Method for Bone Abnormality Detection

Hadeer El-Saadawy, Manal Tantawi, Howida A. Shedeed, and Mohamed F. Tolba


 Convolutional Autoencoder for Anomaly Detection in Crowded Scenes

Mohamed Ali, Maryam Al-Berry and Zaki Taha


Privacy Issues of Public Wi-Fi Networks by Ahmed Y. Lotfy, Alaa M. Zaki,  Tarek Abd-El-Hafeez, and Tarek M.Mahmoud

Invited talk

 #AI for infectious diseases: #Pneumonia, #TB  and #Covid19

Professor  KC Santosh, PhD
Chair, Department of Computer Science, University of South Dakota (USA)

03:00 pm in Morocco

Session (II)  Smart Grid,  Machine Learning and Metaheuristics Optimization

Chair  Professor Ashraf Darwish, SRGE, Egypt


Applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in Agriculture - the Potential and challenges in smart Farm in Uganda

Moammar Dayoub, Alice Nakiyemba, and Juha Plosil


The Smart Heater Based on Internet of Things

Hanaa F. Morse 1, Maha S. AlGhamdi, Hussah M. Almusaied, Shouq A. Alsubaie, Dalal M. Almarri, Manal A. Alqahtani, Rasha A. Alqahtani, Rania A. Tabeidi, and Taghreed Balharith


Smart Office Model based on Internet of Things

Khaznah Alhajri, Maha AlGhamdi, Maha Alrashidi, Taghreed Balharith, and Rania Tabeidi


Distribution network fault location based on intelligent algorithm research by Kuo-Chi Chang, Rongsheng Zhang, Hui-Qiong Deng, Fu-Hsiang Chang, Hsiao-Chuan Wang, Tsui- Lien Hsu


Barriers and Challenges to Smart Grid Technology Deployment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) 


 Kuo-Chi Chang,  Shams Ullah Shah, Shoaib Ahmad, Fu-HsiangChang, Hsiao-Chuan Wang, Yuwen Zhou, and Governor David Kwabena Amesimenu


Mobile Device Application to Detect Dangerous Movements in Industrial Processes through Intelligence Trough Ergonomic Analysis Using Virtual Reality

Humberto García Castellanos ,Javier Andres Esquivias Varela, Alberto Ochoa Zezzatti


Hybrid Approach for Improving Slotted ALOHA Based on Capture Effect and ZigZag Decoding Techniques

Abdessamad Bellouch, Ahmed Boujnoui, and Abdelkrim Haqiq Abdellah Zaaloul


Finding Data Aggregation Locations in Smart Grids

Tien-Wen Sung, Yuntao Xu, Kuo-Chi Chang, and Trong-The Nguyen


Smart Computer Laboratory: IOT based Smartphone Application

Rania A. Tabeidi1, Zahrah Alharbi, Wasan Aljuhayf, Manar Alshahrani, Ohoud Maashi, Wafa Abdullah, Maram Alshalan, Modhe Almelihi, Hanaa F. Morse and Taghreed Balharith


Pole-Placement Control of Hypothetical Loop Decoupling Design Based on Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm

Zhang, X. Q., Wu, C. Y., Jang, L. Y., Shi, L., and Guo, J. R


Improved Firefly Algorithm Based on Community and Migration Strategy and Its Application of PID Controller Design

Zhang, X. Q, Wu, C. Y, Guo, J. R. and Jang, L. Y


Algorithm Optimization of Short-term Load Forecasting Model based on Least Square Support Vector Machine 

Yuh-Chung Lin, Shusen Kuang, Kuo-Chi Chang, Hui-Qiong Deng , Fu-Hsiang Chang, Hsiao-Chuan Wang, Tsui- Lien Hsu, Yuwen Zhou and Governor David Kwabena Amesimenu


Hyperparameter optimization using genetic algorithms to detect frauds transactions

Mohammed Tayebi and Said El Kafhali


Day (2)   29 June 2021

Session (1) Ontology, Machine Vision, Robotics, and speech recognition

Session Chair  Professor Tarek Gaber


in Morocco time

Multi-way Arabic Sentiment Classification using Genetic Algorithm and Logistic Regression

Soukaina MIHI, Brahim AIT BEN AlI, Ismail EL BAZI, Sara AREZKI and Nabil LAACHFOUBI


Classification of Galaxy Images Using Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Network Techniques: A Survey

A. A. Abd El-Khalek, A. T. Khalil, and M. A. Abo El-Soud, and Ibrahim Yasser


FPGA Implementation of EEG Classification System for Arm and Fingers Movements based on Particle Swarm Algorithm

Nourhan Wafeek, Mohamed E.Elbably and Roaa I.Mubarak


Improved Document Categorization Through Feature-rich Combinations 

Anoual El Kah and Imad Zeroual


Point Cloud Data Reduction Algorithm based on SIFT3D Features

Haiyun Zhang, Jian Dong, Jian Lu1,Yufeng Ling,Yiwen Ou, Zhiming Cai


Matching Ontologies with Word2Vec Model based on Cosine Similarity

Jing Liao, Yikun Huang, Haolin Wang, and Mengting Li


Machine Vision for Aesthetic Quality Control of Reflective Surfaces  by Anne Juhler Hansen, Mark P. Philipsen, Hendrik Knoche, and Thomas B. Moeslund


Facial Features Detection: A Comparative Study

Eman Salem, M. Hassaballah,Mountasser M. Mahmoud and Abdel-Magid M Ali


Applying Mobile Intelligent API Vision Kit and Normalized Features for Face Recognition Using Live Cameras

Kamel Hussein Rahouma, Amal Zarif Mahfouz


Improving Neural Silent Speech Interface Models by Adversarial Training by

Amin Honarmandi Shandiz, Alexandra Marko, Laszlo Toth, Gabor Gosztolya,  and Tamas Gabor Csapo


Towards a practical lip-to-speech conversion system using deep neural networks and mobile application frontend 

Frigyes Viktor Arthur and Tamas Gabor Csapo


Analysis of Adversarial Attacks on Face Verification Systems 

Sohair A. Kilany, Ahmed Mahfouz, Alaa M. Zaki, and Awny Sayed


Session (2)  Advanced  Machine Learning Technologies

Session Chair  Dr. Mahmoud Shams and Dr. Lobna Abdelgawad


in Morocco  time

Single-View 3D Mesh Reconstruction and Generation 

George Fahim, Khalid Amin, and Sameh Zarif


Combining BRIEF and AD for Edge-Preserved Dense Stereo Matching

Hanaa I.F. Ibrahim, H. Khaled, Noha A. Seada, H. M. Faheem


Brain Tumor Segmentation: A Comparative Analysis by Eman Mohammed, Mosab Hassaan, Safaa Amin, and Hala M. Ebied


Action recognition using WiFi Radar Signal Characteristics

Jian Dong,Li Zhang1,Yufeng Ling,Jian Lu,Zhiming Cai


Ice Detection Transmission Line Based on Improved Census Transform

by Liang Quan, Feng Zhihui, Zhu Xin, Zhang Zicheng, Ji Wei, Kuo-Chi Chang


Speaker Verification Using Machine Learning for Door Access Control Systems

Saleh Alaliyat1, Fredrik F. Waaler1, Klaus Dyvik1, Rachid Oucheikh2 and Ibrahim Hameed1


Management of the energy distribution of cogenerators units by genetic algorithms

Othmane Maakoul, Ruth Beaulanda, Hamid El Omari1, Aziza Abid,

El Hassane Essabri


Theme Identi_cation for RDF Graphs Based on LSTM Neural Reccurent Network

Siham Eddamiri,  Elmoukhtar Zemmouri,  and Asmaa Benghabrit


Dynamic Knowledge Capitalization in Big Data Context: Monte Carlo Tree Search Based Reinforcement Learning

Badr Hirchoua, Brahim Ouhbi and Bouchra Frikh


Multi-Phase Adaptive Competitive Learning Neural Network for Clustering Big Datasets

Mohamed G. Mahdy, Ahmed R. Abas and Tarek M Mahmoud3


A Survey of Software Development Projects

Amna Alhousani, Maria Papadaki


Modeling and Performance Evaluation of LoRa Network based on Capture Effect


Abdessamad Bellouch, Ahmed Boujnoui, Abdellah Zaaloul, and

Abdelkrim Haqiq


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